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Chapter ‍2 Guestbook

Please leave a note.

Ich freue mich auch über Einträge auf Deutsch.

También me alegro de entradas en español.

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Björn: Giving up (Fri Mar 4 09:03:15 2016)
Sorry, writing guestbook entries is disabled.
Björn: Only trolls ... (Wed Nov 4 12:58:07 2015)
Sadly, so far only rubbish (which I have removed) was entered into this guestbook. While I had stated in my first entry that HTML code will not work inside of an entry, some stupid robots or people who cannot read tried just that. In fact, some HTML code was THE common feature of all rubbish entries. Therefore, I have now disabled the use of the "lower than" and "greater than" symbols. If any of these appears in the subject or the text, no new entry will be created.

Still hoping for real entries ...

Björn: Guestbook up and running (Thu Nov 27 16:13:19 2014)
This is the first guestbook entry, written by myself (the site owner). Now the guestbook is up and running. In the end, I did not make use of any of the available ready made services, but I programmed it from scratch myself, in Perl. I had quite a hard time to get UTF-8 two byte encoded characters (like the "ö" in my name) disentangled correctly, but I learned a lot, and now it seems to work.

Some hints how to use it: You must enter something in both fields, subject and text, otherwise no new entry will be created. The maximum length of the subject field is 40 characters, the maximum length of the text field is 8000 characters. To start a new paragraph, insert a blank line. Any special characters (like HTML code) will be displayed verbatim. A time tag (in GMT) is automatically appended to the subject.

Let's see how it goes. I am looking forward to your entries.

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