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Chapter ‍3 Introduction

3.1 My Boss Hoss motorcycle

I have been riding motorcycles since I was sixteen, and that was lots of years ago. Since 2013-May-16, I own a Boss Hoss BHC3-ZZ4, built 2005. I named her Wendy, which was inspired by a certain song by Bruce Springsteen.

As far as possible, I am doing all maintenance and repair of my family’s four vehicles myself. To keep track of that, I started to maintain this document, at first just to remind myself about the maintenance done and upcoming required services.

Unfortunately, the motorcycle was with a dealer for almost one and a half years, see ‍6.4 for some details. While I could not ride the motorcycle for such a long time, I felt like at least writing about it. So I decided to make my personal maintenance log public, in the hope that it may be of some use for the motorcycling community and help establishing some contacts (see how to contribute).

3.2 About this document

3.2.1 Bookmarking this website

Because the individual pages of this website are generated automatically from one source file, the (numbered) file names may change if sections are added or removed. Therefore, you should only bookmark the root page. There is one exception which is the document change record. This will always keep its file name, so it can be bookmarked or used for automated change detection and notification.

3.2.2 What’s new?

When you are returning to this website and would like to know if there is somthing new you might be interested in, you can consult the document change record. Moreover, you can employ any change detection and notification service to monitor just that page for you. If there was an update, you would get a concise notification about what’s new.

3.2.3 Contributing

There is a guestbook available. You are very welcome to ask questions which are not covered in the document. If I am able to answer them, I will incorporate the topic in the document. On the other hand, if you can contribute some information, I will also incorporate that, of course with appropriate credits.

You can also contact me via my personal home page.

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