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Chapter ‍7 Envisaged modifications

7.1 Shopping list

7.2 Side stance switch reactivation

Ignition should only be turned off if the side stance is engaged and the transmission is not in neutral. This may be achieced by reinstalling the switch (cf. ‍6.3) and adding in line a relay which is triggered by the positive voltage at the neutral control light.

However, the desired behaviour may have been stock and just got lost because of some wiring mistake.

7.3 Install battery mounting bracket

See section ‍5.8.

7.4 Install drive belt cover

There just is none. May be this is normal for the 300 mm tire?

7.5 Replace wind shield

The small wind shield is broken; it still holds in place but does not look nice. I think it is quite useful (should remove it for a real comparison) and should be replaced by a similar new one for better looks.

7.6 Repair front brake light switch

The switch is working erratically. Looks like it can be dissassembled.

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